Commercial Solar Systems NSW

What are Commercial Solar Systems?

You’ve definitely heard about solar energy and its benefits for the environment at some point. Put in its simplest form, Solar energy is sunlight. When energy from sunlight is converted to electricity, it’s called Solar power. 

Commercial solar systems usually have a capacity of 10KW and up; these systems carry some unique design challenges and considerations. These systems are used for commercial buildings and are an excellent way for businesses to reduce their electric bill while utilizing clean energy. 

Commercial solar systems could be installed as rooftop arrays on buildings or ground mounts. These systems can also range widely in size from kilowatts to megawatts.

Why do you need a Commercial Solar System?

If you have a business that operates during the daytime, you should consider getting a commercial solar system.

With commercial solar systems, renewable energy through solar power can take electric costs virtually out of the question, which is excellent for minimizing overhead and improving your business’s cash flow. 

Of course, there’s the upfront cost of purchasing commercial solar systems to deal with. Still, the total return on investment (ROI) on solar energy over time makes it a no-brainer! In fact, a grid-tie commercial system allows you to sell some of the power back to the national grid and make more profit for yourself.

So if you’re looking to slash electricity bills and make more money for your business, why not get a commercial solar system? At Efficient Energy Group, we’ll provide you with the best solar system solutions to meet your peculiar energy needs and solutions that can guarantee your establishment both sustainability and profitability.

Save Big on Electricity Bills by Upgrading to Solar

If your business is located in New South Wales, Victoria, or Queensland, Australia, you have the opportunity of a lifetime. Through the Australian Government Energy Saving Schemes (ESS) and Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits (HERR), you get to pay $0 upfront costs for commercial solar installations done with us.

By installing solar products for your business, you also save up to 70% on your electricity bill compared to other companies that consume electricity from the national grid.

You can also be sure that you’re getting the best solar installations by working with us because, at Efficient Energy Group, three basic parameters guide us:

  • Using only qualified solar installers who will help to deliver your facility on time, on budget, safely, and with no variations to the project, 
  • Supplying solar products that exceed national standards, and 
  • Supplying energy-efficient products.

So why not reach out to get a free estimate from us as soon as possible? We’re ready to supply you with tip-top commercial solar systems to keep your business thriving.

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Why You should hire Energy Efficient Group

Yes, why should you hire us for your commercial solar installations? There are many companies involved in commercial solar installation; just search them out online, and you’ll be buzzed by how many you could choose from, but what separates Energy Efficient Group from the bunch is simple. 

Our technology-agnostic approach to commercial solar installation.

With Energy Efficient Group, you get access to the optimal bespoke solar system for your business that balances price with performance and reliability. We will help you select the right solar system for your circumstances to ensure optimal solar generation, maximum savings on grid energy, and meet your payback and ROI hurdles.

Our installation services are also top-notch. We engage in detailed site inspections to engineer and optimise the best fit solar solution to maximise savings for your business. 

After determining the best solar solution for your business, we manage the end-to-end Engineering, Permitting, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning of your solar system. We also implement stringent commissioning and testing to ensure the reliable performance of your commercial solar system.


How to hire Commercial Solar Installation Services?

Hiring Commercial Solar Installation services can be a dire exercise; you’re trying to ensure you get the best solar product for your business while also making sure you’re not spending too much.

Well, let’s set a benchmark here. If your business can afford to consume electricity from the national grid, then purchasing a solar installation shouldn’t be a problem.

Hiring commercial solar installation services starts with an initial Feasibility Assessment conducted by expert installers to know if a solar installation would be possible for your business. If you choose to hire Efficient Energy Group for these services, there are incentives we actively operate that you could be eligible for, so an assessment will also be made to that effect.

We will then review your current and expected energy usage, energy costs, and roof space availability and develop an initial layout and model to show you what sizes of solar systems you should consider, how much grid electricity the system will replace, and your expected savings. 

These preliminaries are necessary because a commercial solar installation has to make commercial sense for your business; you’re looking for an asset, not a liability, and that’s what we provide — long-term assets that yield profits for your business for years to come.

You can quickly check out your eligibility for our services here; once you fill out the necessary details, one of our qualified technicians will contact you within 24 hours. 

We’re buzzing to make your business more profitable, sustainable, and energy-efficient, are you?