NSW Energy Savings Scheme Aircon Rebate

About The Government Air Conditioning Rebate NSW – Aircon Rebate NSW

About The Government Air Conditioning Rebate NSW – Aircon Rebate NSW

Concerns about global warming continue to dominate headlines around the world. As a result, governments and various other stakeholders are actively looking for ways to reduce carbon emissions through the implementation of energy saving measures. In New South Wales, the state government has developed a range of initiatives to encourage energy-efficient practices among households and businesses through its Energy Savings Scheme or ESS. One is the Government Air Conditioning Rebate NSW, AKA the Aircon Rebate NSW.

It this post, we consider the details of the Aircon Rebate NSW, discuss its benefits, and look at how you can take advantage of its considerable benefits. 

Understanding The ESS Aircon Rebate NSW

The Aircon Rebate NSW is part of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), a state-government initiative. Its aim is to encourage businesses and homes across NSW to upgrade to, or install, more energy efficient air conditioners.

To this end, the rebate offers attractive financial incentives to NSW households and business owners who either install a new energy-efficient air conditioning system, or upgrade an existing unit to a more energy-efficient model.

Power Costs Keep Pace With Soaring Summer Temperatures Across Australia

According to Finder, the average cost of power in Australia increased by 37% between December 2022 and December 2023. This means Australians will be spending some $500 million more running our air conditioners this summer than we did last summer. That’s despite the fact most of us are also running our air-con around 1 hour less per day (down from an average of 6 hours in 2022 to 5 hours in 2023) over summer.

So, we are effectively USING LESS power on air-con but PAYING MORE for what we do use! If you’re a business and can’t cut back on running time, you’re paying considerably more.

How The NSW Government Is Helping

Through the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), the NSW government aims to help alleviate the burden of rising energy costs by making it easier and more affordable for NSW households and businesses to buy and install energy-efficient air conditioning systems. It is also helping reduce energy bills and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

So – all things considered – there has never been a better time to install an energy-efficient aircon! Soaring power costs… Soaring summer temperatures… And a state government prepared to financially assist with the purchase and installation of energy-efficient air conditioning… The alternative is paying an increasingly hefty price for continuing to use an old inefficient one, or not running your aircon very much at all!

However, by opting to upgrade your old air-conditioning unit to a more energy-efficient system through the ESS Aircon Rebate, you can currently access up to $1,000 in savings. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Learn more here.

The New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme Upgrade (ESS) Program

How It Works

Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) generate Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) based on the associated energy savings achieved through eligible upgrades. These are then deducted from the cost of your equipment.

Note: There is a minimum co-payment required towards the cost of the air conditioner and its installation. How much depends on the size of the air conditioner, how much installation work is needed, and travel and transport costs.

Benefits of Participating in the NSW ESS Aircon Rebate

Participating in the NSW ESS offers many benefits for both households and businesses:

Financial Incentives:

Eligible NSW ESS Aircon Rebate participants can access rebates and financial incentives. These will substantially help offset the costs of purchasing and installing new energy-efficient air-conditioning. The rebate is available for both upgrades and new installations.

Energy Cost Savings:

As we mentioned earlier, even reducing the use of your air-conditioner by 1 hour a day is not enough to keep on top of rising electricity costs. If you’re also using an old inefficient energy-intensive one, you may well have to cut your current use even more to avoid a soaring power bill!

Modern, energy-efficient air-conditioners use much less electricity than older models because they are designed to optimise both performance and energy use. The result is better efficiency, less power wastage, a healthier bank account, and a greener environment.

Environmental Impact:

Every energy-efficient piece of equipment installed under the ESS contributes to lowering energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gases, helping to mitigate climate change and meet environmental sustainability targets.

NSW ESS Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for rebates under the NSW ESS, participants must meet certain eligibility criteria:


Applicants must be residents of / located in New South Wales

Ownership or Tenancy:

Both property owners and tenants are eligible to participate, subject to specific terms and conditions.

Energy Efficiency Standards:

Upgrades and installations must meet the energy efficiency standards outlined by the program.

Aircon NSW Rebate Application Process

Applying for the Aircon Rebate NSW under the ESS involves several key steps:

  1. Contact accredited suppliers (ACPs) in your area to determine eligibility, help you research equipment, and provide quotes. The ACP will help you choose an approved air conditioner that best suits your requirements.
  2. Appoint an ACP like Efficient Energy Group BEFORE work begins on your installation AND sign the rebate nomination form PRIOR to completion of the installation. Failure to do this means the work will be classed as ‘previously completed work’ and won’t be eligible for the rebate.
  3. Contract a licensed air conditioning and refrigeration contractor to carry out the work. The contractor must also remove and dispose of your old air conditioner. Note: this contractor must be an HEER (Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit) approved installer.

    To check your eligibility for the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) Air Conditioning Rebate through Efficient Energy Group or any similar accredited provider, you would typically need to follow a process similar to the one outlined below. Please note that while this provides a general guide, specific steps may vary depending on the provider’s procedures and the current details of the program.

    Steps to Check Eligibility through Efficient Energy Group
    Visit the Provider’s Website: Start by visiting the Efficient Energy Group’s website or the website of the accredited provider you’re interested in. Look for sections dedicated to the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) or air conditioning rebates.

    Find the Eligibility Checker: Many providers offer an online eligibility checker tool. This tool asks you to input details about your property, your current air conditioning system (if any), and other relevant information to determine if you qualify for the rebate.

    Contact Customer Service: If you cannot find an online tool or prefer personal assistance, look for the provider’s contact information on their website. You can reach out via phone or email to inquire about checking your eligibility for the air conditioning rebate.

    Provide Required Information: Whether using an online tool or speaking with a representative, you’ll likely need to provide specific information about your residency, the type of property you own or rent, and your current air conditioning system. This may include your address, the type of air conditioning unit you’re considering for installation or upgrade, and whether you’re a tenant or property owner.

    Review Terms and Conditions: Ensure you understand the terms and conditions associated with the ESS Air Conditioning Rebate, including any obligations on your part, such as the need for landlord approval if you’re a tenant.

    Submit an Inquiry or Application: Depending on the provider’s process, you may be able to submit an inquiry directly through their website or be guided to complete an application form. This form might be available online or provided to you by the customer service representative.

    Additional Steps
    Consultation: Some providers may offer a consultation service to help you choose the most appropriate energy-efficient air conditioning system for your needs and to guide you through the application process.

    Documentation: Be prepared to gather and submit any required documentation, such as proof of residence, ownership or tenancy agreement, and details of the proposed air conditioning unit.

    By following these steps with Efficient Energy Group or your chosen accredited provider, you can determine your eligibility for the NSW ESS Air Conditioning Rebate and take the next steps towards applying for the rebate and making energy-efficient upgrades to your property.


The NSW ESS Air-conditioning rebate is an un-missable opportunity for households and businesses across NSW to embrace energy efficiency and contribute to a sustainable future. In doing so, you will not only save money on the purchase and installation of your equipment, you’ll also enjoy long-term energy savings, and make a positive impact on the environment by helping to lower carbon emissions.

But remember – it’s also important to stay up to date on the latest developments with the Rebate because it does change from time to time as situations evolve. We therefore highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity sooner rather than later.

Contact us for more information about the benefits of getting new, energy-efficient air conditioning under the NSW ESS Aircon Rebate.

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