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Reduce your business’ energy bills with our high-quality solar installations.

$0 Upfront

Thanks to a current NSW Government subsidy scheme, you can reduce your business electricity bill by thousands of dollars, simply by upgrading to solar.


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    How much money will my business save?

    The amount your business can save by introducing commercial solar panels will vary depending on your energy use.

    Once you have made a booking with us, one of our commercial solar experts will be in contact with you to discuss the size of your business premises, which will allow him to work out the best commercial solar system specifically tailored to your business requirements.

    Once we have that information, all of which is provided completely free of charge, we are then able to formulate a cost-saving-analysis outlining how much money you will save on your next energy bill.

    How much will solar cost my business?

    It’s a long established fact that installing a commercial solar system will save you big money, but how soon will the solar equipment pay for itself?

    As a general rule of thumb, if your business premise is 500sqm you can typically expect complete system payback within as little as 1-2 years.

    Efficient Energy Group is currently offering $0 upfront commercial solar installations to businesses located in NSW, VIC and QLD through the ESS and HEER Energy Saving Schemes.


    Reduce greenhouse gasses and carbon footprint

    Solar energy systems provide clean, renewable energy that’s 100% free and harmless to the environment.

    The conversion of UV light into energy does not create any harmful gasses or emissions. Therefore, by installing commercial solar panels you are reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

    Promoting your new environmentally friendly status could also assist in generating new business and referrals. 

    Reduce your business’s electricity bill by up to 70%

    As electricity prices grow exponentially, Australian businesses are looking for ways to reduce their energy costs.

    Electricity prices have doubled in Australia over the last 10 years and are expected to increase by another 4% per annum over the next five years.

    By installing solar at your business, you are producing your own energy and therefore no longer buying power from the grid, meaning you will considerably reduce the money you spend each month on electricity to keep your business running.

    Australian businesses currently using commercial solar power are saving up to 70% on their electricity bill compared to businesses using the grid.

    Government incentives and solar rebates

    Aside from the lowered cost of energy and the benefit to the environment, one of the next biggest advantages of installing commercial solar are the rewards that come with it.

    Offered by the government, businesses can make use of incentives and solar rebates. These incentives and rebates are money-back schemes created to encourage business owners to install commercial solar and can reduce the upfront costs making it more affordable.

    Commercial Solar Systems For Australian Businesses

    Installed by Experts

    We Only Use Qualified Solar Installers

    Installed by Experts

    We Only Use Qualified Solar Installers

    3 Year Warranty

    Our Products Exceed National Standards

    3 Year Warranty

    Our Products Exceed National Standards

    Slash Your Power Bills

    Go Green & Boost Your Energy Efficiency

    Slash Your Power Bills

    Go Green & Boost Your Energy Efficiency

    If you are a business owner interested in solar panels for your business, Efficient Energy Group can help save you both time and money by providing huge discounts to commercial projects through the Australian Government Energy Saving Scheme. (ESS/HERR)

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